Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 1

I've already made a surprising amount of progress.  I was able to learn a lot of the basics and get used to Android Studio in only a few hours.  A good portion of my day was spent just trying to get my phone to accept my computer's fingerprint so I could install my test app on my phone.  I tried a dozen different things, but I could never get the fingerprint dialog to show up on my phone.  Turns out my ANDROID_SDK_HOME environment variable was pointing to the wrong location.  Must have been left over from the first time I attempted to install the Android SDK a few years ago.

I spent the rest of the day writing a simple app to help me practice some basic concepts before I start the real stuff.  I'll probably end up posting the source code on GitHub, since it's a pretty basic app and I don't really plan on doing anything with it.

Today I learned about some basic components and listeners and a lot about the different layout styles.  But most of my time was just spent getting everything set up and working.

The app takes a list of consonants and vowels, and alternates them to create a random name of specified length.  Pretty simple, but I've already learned a lot.

Yeah, I'm having fun with this.

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