Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Yesterday I watched so many tutorial videos that I fell asleep during the last one.  I learned a lot, but I won't be doing that again.  I then started designing the layout for my first real app.  I've already run into a couple of interesting design issues.  Coming from classes in school with pretty strict requirements, I'm not really used to having this degree of freedom.  It's pretty cool though.

After I got all the concepts drawn out, I started to actually implement my design.  I'm glad I took a few hours to draw out all those concepts and figure out as much as possible, because it has already clearly made my job easier.  Definitely something I will continue to practice for future apps.

The rest of my day was spent implementing a custom ArrayAdapter so I could use a ListView with some custom classes.  I did eventually get it working, but then I found out about the already existing SimpleAdapter class that can apparently do exactly what I needed.  So I will probably end up scrapping the class I made in favor of this SimpleAdapter, since my class wasn't very good anyway.

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