Monday, June 16, 2014


Introducing my first app: GradeBook!

GradeBook is an app to help keep track of grades and GPA.  Multiple times throughout my academic career I have needed to sit down, pull out a calculator, and figure out:
  • My cumulative GPA
  • My GPA for a single semester
  • My current grade in a course
  • What grade I need on the final exam to get an A
My school provides a (horribly designed) PeopleSoft-based website to help with the first two, and the third is up to the teacher.  Some teachers use Blackboard, but many teachers do not.  I wanted to design an application that could keep my grades all in one place and help me calculate the things I listed above, while avoiding terrible websites like the ones my school provides.

GradeBook does all of this.  You can use as much detail as you want; you could just fill in your GPA for each semester, or if you feel like it, you can add every single assignment and test you have ever taken.  GradeBook will take all of your assignment grades and automatically calculate course grades, semester GPA, and cumulative GPA.

Semesters that are currently in progress can be "unlocked", so that the grades from that semester will not be counted in the cumulative GPA.  Then once all grades have been finalized, you can lock the semester to see how those grade affected your GPA.

Currently, GradeBook supports courses that are graded either as a sum of points or as a weighted average.  Additionally, the curve for each class can be manually adjusted.  Ideally, this should cover any grading method that the teacher provides, but in case it doesn't, grades for each course can be manually overwritten.

Download it here:

Get it on Google Play 

If you download it, be sure to rate and review!  I plan on reading every single review so I can try to keep everybody satisfied.

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