Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Getting close now.  Monday I added styles and themes to my whole app.  I simultaneously love and hate designing things myself...  I have the technical skill, but I'm just not that creative.  Whenever I design something like this, it never quite looks how I want.  But at the same time, I love just messing around with things and seeing how they change.  If I had someone else to design everything for me, would that take all of the fun out of it?  Hmm...

I can already tell how much better I have gotten at this.  Yesterday and today I've just been adding features, but now it only takes me a few hours instead of the entire day.  And that is including the time it takes to deal with my incredibly messy code.

Speaking of messy code, I need to clean things up before I release, but it's tough to find the motivation.  Things are currently kind of slow and inefficient, but I hate spending so much time working on something that a.) won't really be noticeable to users and b.) will likely introduce some new bugs.  I mean, it's better to fix it before things get too complicated, but this app probably won't become that complicated anyway.  And I'm so close to finishing that it's hard to work on something that seems so unimportant.  But my "good programmer" senses are tingling...

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