Friday, June 6, 2014


My sloppy code design is really starting to catch up with me.  I'm wasting way too much time copy/pasting code in different places, or fixing bugs because I changed a line somewhere and forgot to change similar blocks of code.  I'm probably going to have to spend a day or two just cleaning up everything.  Hopefully I will plan things a bit better in my next app, because honestly this first one is embarrassingly bad.  Good thing I'm not planning on releasing the source code.  :p

In other news, I finished the last of my app's core functionality today.  I still have a few extra things that I may decide to add, and I know there are a couple of potential bugs still hanging around, but it now officially does what I originally planned for it to do.  So that's pretty cool.  On Monday I will start looking into themes and whatnot to (hopefully) make things look nice.

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